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Stoner. There’s not too many ways a person gets a name like that and artist Stoner Jones makes it no secret as to what his favorite past time is. Stoner Jones, born and raised in Miami made a name  for himself in a part of town called “Brown Subs” where all his friends deemed him as a heavy marijuana smoker.

Bouncing  between the Brown Subs and Carol City areas of Miami, Stoner Jones had a difficult time growing up being that his father spend long stints in jail during his childhood. At a young age, Stoner took to the hood lifestyle many of his male influences introduced him to including drugs and guns which led to him also being attested on multiple occasions.

After his last close call with the law and having all charges against him dropped, Stoner Jones decided to find another way to make it. Music was his outlet. Stoner Jones was heavily influenced musically by major artist like Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg and Master P. It was the rich and famous lifestyles portrayed by these artist that motivated him to take his life more serious to the extent that he chose a career out of making his own music.

In the summer of 2015, Stoner Jones officially dropped his first single “One Date” which has been received positively by industry and fans alike. The success of his single has paved the way for a highly anticipated EP which he plans on dropping soon. Stoner Jones has embraced music as his positive outlet and has no plans on stopping there. With a clothing line already in the works, he also plans on establishing an outlet for other artist to express themselves all while maintaining his own lane of music. With ambition like this only one thing can be said in reference to this artist… Stay tuned for Stoner Jones!